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February 26, 2014

Plant Exhibition - 2014

Before I begin with a few pics from a plant exhibition we recently had in the city, lemme show you my green corner again.  I just change positions of the few pots that I have and admire myself at the new look and be happy.  :)

And now for some pics from the plant exhibition.  This year.  The number of bonsai plants were less.  But we have bonsai exhibitions once or twice a year in the city.  Oh!  those are amazing.  I learnt the basics of bonsai  last year.  But the plant did not survive.  I'll try again.

Now for some pics.  There were flower arrangement , bonsai competitions there.  Please don't mind the quality of the pics.  They were taken from my cell.

Can you see the green rose?


This is beautiful. The bougainvilleas

Cactus.  These are so huge and must be old too cause they have flowered.

I liked this idea.  Its an old tray.  Huge one.  On which the landscaping has been done.  Thats really beautiful.

These were the only two terrariums.

There was salad decoration also.  He looks cute na?

Flower arrangement.  I liked this a lot.  Simple but beautiful.

This got the first prize

Look at this.....  This reminds me of christmas snow flakes.  (crocheted :))

This is my favourite.  The adenium.  It has been grafted multiple times.  So we can see different shades of the flower on the same plant.

I ENJOYED MY VISIT TO THIS EXHIBITION.  I bought three petunia plants.  Have to buy a pot to repot them.  Could'nt make that buy as yet.  Will do that soon.  I bought some radish and carrot seeds too.  Plant to sow them tom. A special day for me.  My girl turns 18.

February 03, 2014

Zipper pouch

Before I could even blog about it, its gone.  Nevertheless, the memories are there :)  Ever since I saw zipper pouches on blogland, I wanted to make one myself and more than me, my little one was very keen that I make one for her.  I kept getting lot of reminders from her :) is when I decided its time I work rather than just gaze at tutorials.  

Here's how it turned out

She used it excitedly for about 10 days and :( sad, left it behind in school one day.  And she's lost it. Her favourite TRIMAX pens and other paraphernalia along with the pouch are gone.  She was upset for a day... (so was I ).  I'll make one more now.

The making is super simple.  There are vivid tutorials available on blogland.

Four pieces of fabric. The same size as the zipper.  I also used a soft sponge for padding in between.  All left over fabric that I had in my stash. By the way, the sewing machine is my mother's and is more than 50 years old. Going strong.  She has attached a motor also.  Though I use it sparingly, I take care, oiling it once in a while.  I love it.

I tried this out.  Cut circles.  Turned them inside out first

Then pinned them like this and 

Stitched them one above the other to make it look cuter.

Sense of achievement. Source of scoring brownie points from my lil one :)

Hmmm... there are two new shoots growing in my balcony.  I planted these.  Can you guess?

January 18, 2014

A good beginning

Happy New Year

Happy Sankranti

A fortnight into the New Year already!!  Time flies!!  
May the year have in store lot of happiness, good health and cheer
for you .

The beginning has been great
Have had so many moments to treasure
Inspiration to create too!

Just as how cakes are baked during Christmas, its Til laddoo for Sankranti.  I have talked about this festival last year here.

Til's nothing but sesame seeds.  How interesting to note that because it has a power to generate heat in the body, this became a tradition to make til laddoos during the winter festival Sankranti.

I have a wonderful blog to run upto whenever I want to make something.  Shilpa of aayisrecipes is a wonderful cook.  Her passion for culinary art is amazing, clearly visible on her site.

So I made

Thanks to Shilpa, they turned out well.

I baked a cake... with orange zest and orange juice

Another learning... Used Ribbet! to create this collage.

There is more. And here's a preview

This journal of mine gives me so much of joy.

December 26, 2013

Adding a little holiday cheer




Its always nice to add a little holiday cheer.  Even festival times call for extra cheer.  Though its nice to add cheer all year round.  Its upto us how we steer our day along.  

Here's how we added cheer

Tossed some exotic vegetables.  Its more a soup.  Don't know what its called :)

The colours just sing

We made this fried rice.  These pair up to be the favourites of all at home

My centre piece.  How can I forget that.  A dash of rose petals definitely  bring in cheer. 
The beautiful crochet doily was made by my mother for me

How could I miss out on baking a cake for Christmas.  Certain sweets are associated with a festival 

I recently attended a baking class.  Oh! that has given me so much of confidence.  We get a number of recipes on internet.  But this hands on experience does give confidence.

The exquisite ingredients required for icing requires a visit to a bakery essentials shop far way.  My kids did'nt have patience to wait so long.

So I made a base vanilla cake.  It turned out to be yummy

Am so happy and so were the kids

This blog post has come up after a lonnnng time. Literally from Diwali to Christmas.  Doesn't matter.  This is a journal for me to record moments..... 
Beautiful and Treasured.....

November 07, 2013

Rangoli & Candle making fun

Happy Diwali
Happy New Year

Its time of the year again to have fun
making Rangolis, lighting diyas and candles 
and eating goodies.  Not to forget the cleaning and decorating homes

My daughter suggested that we create a different Rangoli this year.
And we created these twin birds

It took us good 3 hours

 A collective effort of  my daughters and me.  Initially, I was doing it with my elder daughter Upasana.  My younger daughter Vandita was just assisting us with colours.  We underestimate our children.  We were apprehensive to allow her also to fill colours.  But we gave in.  And she did all the flowers and leaves.

I also made these diyas and my daughters helped me in painting.  All out of waste.  Had earthen diyas which had been used over the year, black with soot.  Washed them and painted with fabric paints.  I then melted wax that I had stored out of melted candles. Each colour separately and poured into the diyas.  Placed a tooth pick for the wick to stand erect in the wax.

And Ta...dahh..

The balcony's peppered with twinkling lights and the `Kandeel'

It has been a pleasure to making Rangolis over the years.  You can see them here  and here .

Happy Diwali to all

October 31, 2013

Lamp, Lampshade... that too crocheted from scratch

It is not hot out of the owen!  I mean the lampshade is now good 25 days old :)  I have been wanting to write about it for lonnnng.   And kept postponing it for various reasons.  Why do we postpone things for tomorrow?  I have still not found a solution to this habit of mine.  I had blogged about it here.

I crocheted this lampshade.  Yes, I even created the lamp's skeleton.  Gifted it to my V on his b'day on 5th Oct.  

I had this idea in mind for a long time.  But I did not find a simple plain lampshade.  One day, somewhere mid September, I so badly wanted to crochet a lampshade, that I found a solution.  Necessity they  say is the mother of inventions.  I had these alluminium wires, which I bought for creating a bonsai.  They are flimsy and bend easily.  And I created a skeleton for the lamp.

Its not at all strong. And has become very delicate but I managed a good shape.  Thats all I wanted.  I played around with the little stash of yarn that I have. And....


This is by the night

Wanted this to be a lil' surprise to V.  So while I was fixing it ( took me good 10-15 minutes to fix it), it was past 12.10 am on the 5th.  He woke up because of the other light in the room probably.  Happy that I could wish him and give him this lil' cute surprise.

This month has kept me busy.  Cleaning up and sprucing the place, readying for diwali.  Loads to do.  But I enjoyed every bit of it.  Very satisfying too.  Had lot of fun today with painting earthen lamps and making candles with the kids, readying the balcony with sparkles and lampshade.  More of it to come... I'll make Rangolis tomorrow. 

Happy Halloween to you all.  Its less known in this part of the world.  But I get see lot of happenings on this front  in blogland.