Live for the Moment

Every moment counts. Hence live for the moment to be happy and light

March 02, 2015

Handcrafted frames

Been wanting to post these frames for sometime.  Again at the craft bazar.  These are handmade handicrafts.  Oh! I love them so much.  

Specially this lone tree

Coloured threads have been so beautifully woven into nature themes.

Fresh flowers always evoke positivity. I love having a bowl of fresh flowers midst all the souvenirs

February 10, 2015

Craft Bazar

I live in a heritage city which has a history dating back to a couple of centuries.  Vadodara is also known as Baroda.  The city is full of hundreds of Banyan trees, Vad known in hindi and hence the name `Vadodara'.. The land of Banyan trees.

Recently, there was Vad-fest.  International festival of art and culture.  Yanni performed here at this venue that you see below. Laxmi Vilas Palace.

The Baroda Museum that houses a Mummy and loads of interesting artefacts.  Takes not less than three hours for a visit.
Below is Kirti Mandir, a palace built for a queen

All these pictures from this stall. Not the real structures
There was a loom on display

Wooden furnitures on display and sale.  I liked the blue stand.  Could be made use as a plant pot stand

Can you believe... These are hand painted on canvas

Now comes handicrafts using glass beads.  All hand stitched using myriad colours.  Patience, accuracy and speed are required

The ones you see below are also hand woven.  These adorn the doors of a home

Hand woven necklace

Pottery section

Metal artefacts.

So delicate and dainty


Intricately carved wooden door
I could not do justice to this.  Couldn't see the whole bazar.  Too huge for a single visit.  Nevertheless it was a pleausre.  I have a few pictures of handicrafts woven out of joot which I will share later.
This is real India, a country with rich heritage.

February 05, 2015

Their new friend

Can you identify this bird? Perched on Vandita's hands!!  The children found it while playing and then on she changed hands like a passing the parcel game.  All of them were so excited. (Even me!!) .  She is sick and just did not fly. They had great plans of hosting her by turn.  Plans of making a bird house.  The excitement was unfathomable.  Then prudence prevailed.  She has been handed over to a girl who already has birds as pets at home.

Hope she gets well soon 

January 01, 2015

Just pondering

This is an impromptu blog post.  Been away from blogland for one reason or the other.

Time of the year is here again.  Of penning fresh set of  resolutions, of contemplations, of introspection.  This is the time of the year when most of us pause, stop and think of ourselves. Of how we can improve further.  Somehow, this year I am not going to make any resolution.  Cause it looks like resolutions are made to be broken :)

IS it necessary to make resolutions.  Looks like its customary.  Rather live each day... moment. Learn each day.  Be compassionate and kind to each other.  One act of kindness each day could benefit the receiver and the giver even more than the receiver.

Make the world a better place to live.  If all of us decide to do one act of kindness each day. Its possible.  Being happy is a state of mind. Keep away the negative vibes and surround yourself with positive vibrations.

Wishing all a Very Happy Healthy Prosperous Cheerful 2015

Life has its ups and downs.  Sometimes rough and sometimes smooth like the waterfall. Learning to live each day beautifully with positivity is an art, a habit we need to practise.  All the time. Cause Change is constant.

November 01, 2014

Diwali Rangoli

Diwali Rangoli making is something that I look forward to.  And it started years ago when I was a child.  Since then on, I have been making a Rangoli every year.

Here's what I made this year.  Called Sanskar Bharathi Rangoli.

The only thing is that it is not a permanent medium of art.   It can not be stored.  May be there is a learning in it.  Of non permanance. Nothing in life is permanent.  Good or bad..... So is the Rangoli.  Thank GOD we can photograph it :)

I am also sharing a few that I made over the years here

October 11, 2014

Mixed Bag :)

My daughter's admissions and then moving away from home :( kept me busy all along.  One point agenda.  Rest was all on the back burner.  Life coming back to normal with a void.   Missing her so often.  Then I tell myself.  Life has to move on.  Change is constant.  And this was bound to happen.  I too had left home at 18 and moved to the hostel.  But its only now that I realised that my going to the hostel and her moving out is so so different.  It isn't as easy as I thought it was !!!!! 

So its festival time every time she comes home.  She is just 3 1/2 hours away.....a train journey! We made yummy fried rice.

I love love lighting candles and placing lil flowers on my centre table.  It gives me so much of happiness every time I pass by...  brings a smile

Thats my lil' Vandita ready for a Bharatnatyam performance....sans the makeup.  That changes so much.

With makeup.   

A mixed bag indeed....Hope to meet you often :)  Have a wonderful Sunday !!!

July 25, 2014

And we tread on the path

We just did all we could so that she was comforted, encouraged, inspired 
to tread on the ardous journey and she has reached the beginning of that path.... 
her dream.....and she worked day and night...tirelessly
 its a long way ahead
 and am proud that she is waiting in her wings to fly high and achieve her dream...
She is going to be a doctor :)
And is gonna fly the nest next month :(

This kept me away from blogland for quite a while.....exams, schedules, journeys to various cities and finally....there's light at the end of the tunnel.  Comfort is that she would be four hours away by train. So we could go and meet her.... Intense being the medical course.... i am afraid she'd visit us less often.  Well..... I must be prepared for this separation.... It was expected and it is for her good...her dream of being a doctor some day.... I hope and pray she'd be a doctor with empathy for the suffering humanity.... a noble profession indeed! Our little girl has made us proud by securing admissions as an undergrad at the medical college.