Live for the Moment

Every moment counts. Hence live for the moment to be happy and light

February 04, 2016

Pencil pouch making is addictive

Fun project indeed
They are so quick and easy to make and so pretty and functional too.  So called instant gratification.  My lil' one is on the moon :)

I used the scraps at home.  This White red combo I thought would be nice.  Unfortunately it was so small a piece that I had to contend myself in making an 8" pouch.  Serves the purpose.  So its fine.

Umpteen tutorials on blogland and youtube.  Had done a few in the past too.  They never saw the day of light on blogland though :) So this time I thought I must preserve this memory.  Children tend to loose these in school.  This is the fourth one that I made.  And she likes it so much that she does not want a store bought one now.  I love sewing them up.  So its win win for us.

All in I think less half an hour.

This adorable one is mine to hold nick naks.   Hope I inspire my bloggy friends to whip up one.

January 20, 2016

New beginnings is the word!!!

Hi.  Hope the new year has begun in the right spirit and you all enjoyed with your families

New beginnings has been the word for me since June 2015.

 Yes.  We moved to a new home and though the experience was exhausting, it was memorable and fun too.  Been half a year since we moved here.  Shifting, settling and getting used to a new home was a learning.  Not to hoard things that we feel we will need ONE day and becomes so difficult later when we have to move.  Phew.  I must give up on my habit of hoarding things at home.  A clean and clear home ushers positive vibes all around.

Internet connection took few months. Blogland became a distant dream for a while.  Am back now finally!!

Had an urge to stitch something.  Looked into my stash and found some cotton fabric enough for a top.

 Hunted for a pattern on the Internet since am a beginner. and found this.  This tutorial has been very beautifully explained and easy to make.  So I made a peplum top for my daughter.

There is some printing defect on the fabric. So i washed to ensure that the colour does not `run'. 

So satisfying at my effort.

June 22, 2015

A first

She had found the grill to hatch her eggs.  May be a first time mother.. inexperienced.  She landed there the fourth day after we got a grill fixed on the balcony.  I had my apprehensions then itself.  The nest was flimsy and infirm.

Alas, one morning I saw a few of the straws.  The eggs were gone and the bird was gone too!! Hope she finds a firm and secure place the next time.

Hope keeps us going!!

April 09, 2015

Easter Sunday spent in cleaning

It was way back in 2008.  My visit to the Sydney aquarium was the final straw.  I was mulling over the idea of an aquarium at home.  And my folks were up in arms against me.  Had no supporter.  I was working then and could hardly have time for family leave alone socialising.  So no question of an additional chore.

But, that visit to that Sydney aquarium was a lifetime experience for me.  I loved loved it so much that I decided there, I'd soon have a mini at home.

I confided in my daughter who was in grade 7th.  Told her, we'll give a surprise gift to papa.  My hubby's birthday was approaching.  She liked the idea. I had no time.  On her next visit to the music class, she told her granny that she'd come a little late that day and went to the nearby aquarium shop and did all the enquires.  Before going she was fully prepared.  Googled so much on this topic that she could rattle too many questions to the shopkeeper there :) Got to know when I finally went in to order an aquarium.  

So, finally on the D day, he came home and assembled this aquarium.  It was a lovely surprise to all at home.  Now, everyone likes it.  I take care of it 100%.  And unlike the presumption that having an aquarium is lot of work.  It is NOT.  Its hardly 15 mins a week or say a fortnight even.  And a two to three hour job once in 3-4 months.  Feeding fish is few seconds everyday and its a pleasure

In the night, I just switch off all lights and keep the aquarium light on and sit watching it.  I tell you, it relieves all stress and calms the mind.

I just love having this at home...  Planning to add new fish tomorrow :)

March 05, 2015

HaPpY HoLi

Wish you all a Very Happy Holi
a Festival of colours,
Of vibrance.
May the festival usher joy and colour in your lives

This is my creation.  I love making Rangolis.  Got an opportunity to draw this Rangoli for a grand function last month.  What better time than this to share it here.

March 02, 2015

Handcrafted frames

Been wanting to post these frames for sometime.  Again at the craft bazar.  These are handmade handicrafts.  Oh! I love them so much.  

Specially this lone tree

Coloured threads have been so beautifully woven into nature themes.

Fresh flowers always evoke positivity. I love having a bowl of fresh flowers midst all the souvenirs

February 10, 2015

Craft Bazar

I live in a heritage city which has a history dating back to a couple of centuries.  Vadodara is also known as Baroda.  The city is full of hundreds of Banyan trees, Vad known in hindi and hence the name `Vadodara'.. The land of Banyan trees.

Recently, there was Vad-fest.  International festival of art and culture.  Yanni performed here at this venue that you see below. Laxmi Vilas Palace.

The Baroda Museum that houses a Mummy and loads of interesting artefacts.  Takes not less than three hours for a visit.
Below is Kirti Mandir, a palace built for a queen

All these pictures from this stall. Not the real structures
There was a loom on display

Wooden furnitures on display and sale.  I liked the blue stand.  Could be made use as a plant pot stand

Can you believe... These are hand painted on canvas

Now comes handicrafts using glass beads.  All hand stitched using myriad colours.  Patience, accuracy and speed are required

The ones you see below are also hand woven.  These adorn the doors of a home

Hand woven necklace

Pottery section

Metal artefacts.

So delicate and dainty


Intricately carved wooden door
I could not do justice to this.  Couldn't see the whole bazar.  Too huge for a single visit.  Nevertheless it was a pleausre.  I have a few pictures of handicrafts woven out of joot which I will share later.
This is real India, a country with rich heritage.