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March 11, 2016

Handy Pouch

Yes... One more.... Few days ago, a friend of mine left the city, as she got transferred out from here. Wanted to gift her something handmade.  And she called to say that she'd drop in at 4.30pm.  It was already 3.30 pm....  This struck my mind at that moment that I could churn out a cute little pouch for her.  So off I went to my scrap stock, took out a beautiful print and a matching one for the liner, a zip and a sponge sheet (which comes as packing with new shirts:).

Just as I was about to complete, the bell rang and she came in... Took her to my stitching place and we started chatting happily while I worked to complete the pouch... And it was done.

These were the three layers

I love making these.  And they are very simple and handy to make

No wonder she was extremely happy.


  1. Oh! goodness and in so little time....such a great gift! Many thanks for your comments on my last post. I have replied there :-)

    keep well

    Amanda x

  2. WOW you are talented to create such a gorgeous gift in such a short time
    Thank you so much for participating in my 5 Million Page-views Celebration