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May 06, 2016

Cluttered mind is a devils workshop. 10 Tips to clear the cobwebs

A friend of mine shared a picture of the article written by the famous Clean food coach , Ms Jeannette Bessinger.  That swish swashing of the article in an effort to read it on your cell, puts off the enthu. Atleast for me:) So I opened my desktop to read it.  She has addressed a genuine concern on how to clear our cluttered minds. Our minds get dusty, cluttered, heavy and the ability to process clean thoughts gets affected.Like in the picture, a net gets formed in our mind and its a double edged sword.  Affects our health also. Who wouldnt want to be happier, lighter and healthier?

She writes:

Spring is a natural time for clearing out old dirt and clutter.
We do this for our houses and even for our bodies, but how often do we do it for our minds? In the same way you might cleanse your body of physical toxins and waste, you can also cleanse your mind of mental toxins like bitterness and unforgiveness. If left to fester, these poisons can eventually destroy their containers, like acids of the mind. To replenish our energy and regain our balance, we have to stop feeding off of mental “anti-nutrients” like perfectionism and the need to always be right.
…These ten tips are cleansing for everyone, but they are especially freeing for those of us stuck in chronic, unhealthy eating and self-care patterns. Some of them you can put into practice the second you decide to. Others involve more deeply embedded patterns that will take time and a sustained effort to clear, but you can begin today. Or at least, consider the fresh point of view. Free your mind and free your life.
  1. Mind Your Own Business. One of my favorite spiritual teachers, Byron Katie, says that before stressing out about something, you should always ask yourself whose business it is: yours, mine or God’s. If it’s not your business, why are you in it?
  2. Let go of the need to be right. Is it truly more important to you to be right about something than to preserve your relationships with others? Have you ever loved anyone more because they were right and you were wrong? Decide if you’d rather be right or be close to people.
  1. Stop blaming, shaming, and complaining. Every one of these toxic habits is about giving your core power to something outside of your control. Stop it. It can’t save you. It’s not the difficult person or situation that causes your distress. It’s the story you tell yourself about what it means that causes you pain. Take control of what you tell yourself about difficulties and challenges, and the circumstances of your life will no longer have the power to blow you around like a tumbleweed.

For going through  the  whole article, jump in HERE . Earnestly request you to read the complete article. Some of them can be instantly put to practice.  The rest take mulling and resolutions and a lil bit of effort may be. Jeannette is awesome.

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  1. Hi Aishwarya, Thank you for this article. Yes, a de-cluttering of the mind is definitely needed. Will certainly read the whole article.
    Have a fabulous week.