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June 18, 2016

Everyday freshness... rangolis at my doorstep

The new home has kept me busy.  Almost elevn months since I shifted to this place.  Enjoying doing up my home. It is a continuous process.  New additions spring enthusiasm along the way.  

Making Rangolis has been my love since childhod.  I have blogged about it earlier also.  But then, it used to be a once a year affair during diwali.  New home and New Year as per our hindu calender was Yugadi for us in April.  So, I thought let me make a rangoli that day.  Googled to find a design and chanced upon Ms Poonam Borkar's rangolis. Have a lookat her amazing art here I fell in love with her techniques instantly and tried my hand at it that day. It was so refreshing that I thought I must put a rangoli everyday.  So have been at it for quite some time now.  Just love the start of my day.  Sharing with you what I created.  Thanks once again to this lady who inspired me and who shares her art on youtube.

Hope you liked them :)


  1. Wow! Amazing! It's like drawing mandalas.

  2. Aishwarya, You are talented. I like most of the rangoli's.

  3. Loved them. You seem to be passionate about it. For me it's time consuming in the morning so I skip it. Though for us cleaning the threshold is a must daily I do it only when elders are there at home :))

  4. Lovely rangolis dear! Super awesome!