Live for the Moment

Every moment counts. Hence live for the moment to be happy and light

January 03, 2017

First three days

Year 2017 has dawned. 

New everything. Newness in the air.  Wish you all a very happy 2017.  The new year brings in a renewed energy, something we look forward to, new resolutions. Do we resolve or we don't. Resolutions made are only to be broken cause nothing is constant in life.  

So adding to the newness are these which will give me an opportunity to crochet again.  Been a while since I crocheted.  Am happy 

Created a birthday gift for  a dear friend.  That was fun.  Planted them about a fortnight ago. So that they get set. Added a layer of wheat just below the white pebbles so that she gets a surprise in the next few days when they sprout :)

And a new mug as a gift that came home from the Residential society we live in on New Year's day

Anything new adds joy. Let the joy multiply and continue through the year.  

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