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February 23, 2016

Plant and flower exhibition

I wait for these exhibitions.  I missed it last time.  This time I was lucky.  Got to know though only on the last day.  Had fun.  Went alone and spent nearly two hours there. I love being amidst plants.  So love it :)

We have it once a year in the city.  Had blogged about  plant exhibition in the past also.  Here are a few more lovely colourful pictures.

The main attraction was a map of India created with petunia pots.  That looks so so colourful.

A few more formations

Dahlias.  Each not less than 10 inches in dia

There were flower decorations also.

And bonsais.

The bougainvillea

My favourite. Adaniums

The tall jade plant

Few more

Old tyres used wisely.

Feast to the eyes indeed

There were vegetables on display too

And vendors selling plants and other related products

Main attraction was a tomato plant, granted with a brinjal plant and both bearing fruits.

Needless to say I bought a few plants and thoroughly enjoyed the visit


  1. Lovely exhibition! Sure looks fun!

  2. Feast for eyes. Those terracotta pots were good.

  3. Gorgeous flowers. Don't you just love those bonsai "landscapes"? Loved your photo collage.