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February 12, 2016

Little heart

 Come Valentine and little hearts pop up everywhere.  We never heard of such a day while growing up though.  Now, its celebration time everywhere.  Specially the youth. So I remembered this little heart that I crocheted sometime back.  I have stitched a press button and kept a small opening so as to be able to stuff a few napthalene balls or potpourri. I could then hang this on cupboard handles or on hangers in the cupboard.

 Crocheted a jasmine flower with a pair of leaves as embellishments.  Easy and fast project.  Learnt how to from Lucy of  attic24.

Today is the auspicious day of Vasanta Panchami, a day dedicated to learning, to Godess Saraswathi bestows knowledge, fine arts, science and music. May the flame of knowledge keep burning and bless you and your family and enlighten with knowledge.  It is also the onset of spring season in India where trees shed leaves and grow new leaves and flowers.

May you all blossom like beautiful flowers and learn something new everyday cause life teaches us something new every day.


  1. Lovely!!! Happy Basant Panchami to you :-)

  2. Lovely heart. Great idea to use them for stuffing naptheline balls:)

  3. Everyday there is something to learn so true Aishwarya. Crocheted heart is cute.