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February 04, 2016

Pencil pouch making is addictive

Fun project indeed
They are so quick and easy to make and so pretty and functional too.  So called instant gratification.  My lil' one is on the moon :)

I used the scraps at home.  This White red combo I thought would be nice.  Unfortunately it was so small a piece that I had to contend myself in making an 8" pouch.  Serves the purpose.  So its fine.

Umpteen tutorials on blogland and youtube.  Had done a few in the past too.  They never saw the day of light on blogland though :) So this time I thought I must preserve this memory.  Children tend to loose these in school.  This is the fourth one that I made.  And she likes it so much that she does not want a store bought one now.  I love sewing them up.  So its win win for us.

All in I think less half an hour.

This adorable one is mine to hold nick naks.   Hope I inspire my bloggy friends to whip up one.


  1. These are so cute Aishwarya. You can play with color and pattern of the fabric isn't it? I guess you need sewing machine for these. You can gift them to your daughters friends..

  2. Such a cute little pouch. The fabric in the second one looks lovely! very well made :)

  3. Thank you Vasudha and Anitha.

  4. Aww Aishwarya! Such pretty pouches! Indeed a useful and beautiful thing to make :) Looking forward to see more of them. I would love to learn sewing, need a sewing machine and time :) lol. Take care!

    1. Hi Anna. Have a target to learn sewing. Where there is a will, there is a way. Nowdays the portable sewing machines are so small and cute and can do `n' number of things. Way to go Anna