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January 20, 2016

New beginnings is the word!!!

Hi.  Hope the new year has begun in the right spirit and you all enjoyed with your families

New beginnings has been the word for me since June 2015.

 Yes.  We moved to a new home and though the experience was exhausting, it was memorable and fun too.  Been half a year since we moved here.  Shifting, settling and getting used to a new home was a learning.  Not to hoard things that we feel we will need ONE day and becomes so difficult later when we have to move.  Phew.  I must give up on my habit of hoarding things at home.  A clean and clear home ushers positive vibes all around.

Internet connection took few months. Blogland became a distant dream for a while.  Am back now finally!!

Had an urge to stitch something.  Looked into my stash and found some cotton fabric enough for a top.

 Hunted for a pattern on the Internet since am a beginner. and found this.  This tutorial has been very beautifully explained and easy to make.  So I made a peplum top for my daughter.

There is some printing defect on the fabric. So i washed to ensure that the colour does not `run'. 

So satisfying at my effort.


  1. Congrats for your new adobe! Lovely top.

  2. Happy New Year Aishwarya !!!!:) and congratulations for your new home...:) The top looks lovely.....

  3. Mousumi, Thank you for the wishes

  4. Hi Aishwarya, congrats for your new home.Enjoy your new surroundings. Nice top and very cute print too.

  5. You have done it well Aishwarya. Happy new year to you.

  6. A very happy new year to you Aishwarya. The peplum top looks so lovely. Wish i could sew like you. Happy crafting:)

    1. I am learning too Anitha. Go ahead. Internet is a great place to learn. Thank you