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June 22, 2015

A first

She had found the grill to hatch her eggs.  May be a first time mother.. inexperienced.  She landed there the fourth day after we got a grill fixed on the balcony.  I had my apprehensions then itself.  The nest was flimsy and infirm.

Alas, one morning I saw a few of the straws.  The eggs were gone and the bird was gone too!! Hope she finds a firm and secure place the next time.

Hope keeps us going!!


  1. Those silly doves. That's like the one who built one on the windowsill at school only to sit and sit and sit and then abandon the eggs. The nest was not really a nest and there would have been no so safe way for little birdies to survive even if they did hatch since it was on the third floor. All is well here. Lots of things keeping me busy. Trying to get into a regular blogging routine but then I get behind and am not sure where to start. Hope all is well with you. :)

  2. I think this is a mourning dove and they are on the endangered list. After watching lots of them nest I can see why. They are the worst nest builders. One in our fir tree had a nest you could see the sky through when you looked up. But somehow two little birdies made it to fledgling stage.
    Take care