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April 09, 2015

Easter Sunday spent in cleaning

It was way back in 2008.  My visit to the Sydney aquarium was the final straw.  I was mulling over the idea of an aquarium at home.  And my folks were up in arms against me.  Had no supporter.  I was working then and could hardly have time for family leave alone socialising.  So no question of an additional chore.

But, that visit to that Sydney aquarium was a lifetime experience for me.  I loved loved it so much that I decided there, I'd soon have a mini at home.

I confided in my daughter who was in grade 7th.  Told her, we'll give a surprise gift to papa.  My hubby's birthday was approaching.  She liked the idea. I had no time.  On her next visit to the music class, she told her granny that she'd come a little late that day and went to the nearby aquarium shop and did all the enquires.  Before going she was fully prepared.  Googled so much on this topic that she could rattle too many questions to the shopkeeper there :) Got to know when I finally went in to order an aquarium.  

So, finally on the D day, he came home and assembled this aquarium.  It was a lovely surprise to all at home.  Now, everyone likes it.  I take care of it 100%.  And unlike the presumption that having an aquarium is lot of work.  It is NOT.  Its hardly 15 mins a week or say a fortnight even.  And a two to three hour job once in 3-4 months.  Feeding fish is few seconds everyday and its a pleasure

In the night, I just switch off all lights and keep the aquarium light on and sit watching it.  I tell you, it relieves all stress and calms the mind.

I just love having this at home...  Planning to add new fish tomorrow :)


  1. I have one...its nice to have kids like feeding them so that's their work and rest is mine. Love watching them swimming around in tank.

  2. I don't have any but ......I'm sure its fun to have it
    I try to spend sometime watching them swimming either in the pet shops or at my friends place ..and it really is very relaxing

  3. My kids want to have one. But daily care and maintaining has put me off having one. Have fun!

    1. Vasudha believe me, its not at all a hassle. Daily care is feeding them once a day. Thats it. Weekly or fortnightly say 10 minutes to change a little water and two hours every quarter for a complete cleaning process. Is that what puts you off? But the pleasure of looking at it every day is much much soothing... Go for it is all I can say