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March 11, 2013

Two B's

Talking about Two B's today .  One is a Batua I crocheted. Called Batua in common parlance.  Its a wallet for trinkets, glasses, nic nacs that women carry. Infact, feeling very proud that I made two.One for my mother in law and one for my Hira Pachi,  my aunt, who has been crocheting for more than 6 decades :) A day never goes by, without her crocheting something.   She ensures she gets her hooky time every day.

Here's one she made

The one I gifted to her is white.  How did I miss out on taking a pic?  Even white batua looks nice.

Here's the one I made for my mil.

The other B is a second Leibster Blog award from Pavi of  CrochetKumari . Thanks dear.  She is a working girl and inspite of the hectic schedule, finds time to crochet.  Her blog is full of beautiful Ta dahs..... that she has to her credit.

Let me have some fun answering her questions.

1.When did you start crocheting and from where/whom did you learn crochet from ?

I learnt the first stitch at age 15. My mother taught me the basics. 

2.If given a lovely turquoise blue ball of yarn and given one hour what would you crochet?

I would go for a sling bag

3.What habit would you give up if asked to do so from today?

The habit of not going for my morning walks regularly :(  I'd want to be more regular and not miss even a Sunday

4. Whats your Work in Progress ?

Presently this

Any guesses?

5. Which one do you prefer.. Thread crochet or Yarn?

Yarn.  Cause its faster 

6. One school friend you are still in touch with - ?

None from School :(  But yes.  I am in touch with couple of friends from 11th grade onwards..

Pavi, I'll nominate blogs very soon.  I need to work on that.

Let me call it a day with a thought to ponder upon.
Today's garden white board (where we go for our walks) read - A lot of problems would dissappear if people learn to talk to one another instead of talking about one another.



  1. hi, Aishwarya!
    Congrats on the award! :)
    those small bags are lovely! very feminine, and can indeed accommodate loads of stuff in them :) Looking forward to see that white project finished.

  2. Beautiful batwas, dear. Love the mango colour. I have a similar one to hold cosmetics during traveling. Maybe you could write up a pattern for this!
    The new project, is it a blanket?

  3. Hi

    The white project is actually a jacket. The finished product would take some time. I hardly do one or two rows a day. So it has to wait. Being a novice, I am yet to pick up speed.

  4. Hello Aishwarya! Many thanks for your kind comment on my blog today! :)

    Your crochet is beautiful! xx