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March 08, 2013

March 8th

Its 11 pm.  Finally I have my `me time' without interruptions.  And this post is inspired by two women :)

Was curious to know how the International Women's day took birth!  On googling I found this link . Read on if you want to know a lil' bit of its history

A Happy Women's Day to all the great women who light up homes :)  Yes Women bring cheer around a home.  Don't they play a pivotal role in converting a house into a home?

My little daughter Vandita has something special for us.  She's made this card and told me to post it on my blog to wish you all women :)

All pics in this post have also been captured by her.  She also wanted me to add a pic of her favourite key chain very dear to her.

So this was one little woman who took pains in creating a card, taking pics and inspiring me to put it up on the blog.

The second inspiration came from  Anna of Sunny Indian Days when she posted a pic of a jar cosy that she crocheted two three days ago.  Here's mine.

Gave me sooooo much of happiness when I lit it in the evening.  Mounted a T-light on some glass pebbles.  Thanks Anna.  See how unknowingly you made my day! I have used EIGHT colours to mark March 8th.


  1. Hi Dear,

    I have nominated your lovely blog for a Liebster Award. Visit my blog for more details on it :)

  2. Hi, Aishwarya!
    First of all, your daughter's drawing is beautiful! Thanks a lot to her for such a nice gift to all the women
    The key chain is cute! I myself (still) like small toys :)
    And your jar cozy turned out pretty!!! Yes, I also was so happy when I lit it :) Those glass pebbles is the best decision for a base!
    Have a happy day!

  3. Thanks you Anna. You made Vandita very happy. She read your comment :) and Pavi thanks for the award.