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March 02, 2013

Plant Exhibition

There was a plant exhibition in my city.  I loved visiting the place.  A feast to one's eyes. And I had to firmly make up my mind not to get tempted to buy plants. :(  We are shifting to a new home soon and I have one balcony which is not big enough to accommodate even my present collection.  Phew! Such is life.  Lemme atleast share few pics here with you.

I don't know their names.  They were all lovely.

A twenty five year old Adenium. So claimed the stall owner !  My favourite plant.

More adeniums

Red leaved plants.  These are beautiful.  I don't know the name :) The leaves turn red as they grow.  Its a bright plant, brings cheer around.

Smiley flowers

Few more

These are simple pleasures. I read sometime back that gardening is a good stress buster.  When we sow and tend to the garden, the negative energies from the body  flow back into the earth!  Happy gardening.


  1. Nice Plants and colorful flowers.. hope u had a great time visiting them!

  2. nice collection of plants and photos

    thanks for sharing

  3. Hi, Aishwarya! Such a lovely exhibition, I wouldn't been able to stop myself from buying few flowers!
    I'd like to have those which bring cheer around.
    I do love gardening and that's absolutely true that it is a great stress reliever! And also a good exercise :)
    Have a wonderful week ahead!

  4. Thank you all for your sweet comments.

  5. Yes, they say that gardening is good for body and soul. I have two balconies but my plants are doing rather pitiful this year. Not growing at all for some reason. I see pansies and petunias and poinsettias in the images you posted. Flowers are always such a bright spot wherever you are. I took many photos of them while in Sri Lanka where everything goes beautifully on its own. Best wishes, Tammy

    1. Hi Tammy

      Atleast you know the three P's Here these plants have local names.

  6. Haha, when I read "a century girl" it I took it on my age..somehow sounds weird :)
    thanks, Aishwarya! You always encourage me.
    Well, the jar will not break if you place the t-light on some pebbles or other base, however glass will heat anyway. But don't be worried. Dabur has nice jars from honey, and the one i used is from marinated cucumbers :) I'd love to see your jar cozy!

    1. I have a task at hand! Yesss. I'll make a jar cosy and will show you :) Thank you Anna. So sweet of you to have answered my query that too on my blog lest I don't miss it.

    2. Hi, Aishwarya!
      Oh wow! I didn't read your comment here before I read your sin my blog. Please, do post about your cozy! Also I think it's best when reply in comments. I always revisit blogs where I left a comment, it's intriguing to read replies.
      Have a fab women's day, Aishwarya!