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February 07, 2013

Pep Talk

Read slowly


Did you read it as

Life is no where


Life is now here

Life is what we make out of it
Its upto us how we want to live it.  

We go to a garden (whenever that happens) nearby, for our morning walks. An old gentleman writes a `Thought for the Day' on the white board there.  Most of the times thought provoking.   This thought today kept encircling in my mind while I walked and remained with me the whole day.  Thought I must document it here :)  How true na.  Some people are never happy.  Keep complaining about everything around them and it vitiates the environment around them.  And some, come what may, make the best of everything.  

Incidently, MARK INGLIS, was in town to interact with CEOs and business leaders from the State.  World's First Double Amputee To Climb MT EVEREST, the tallest mountain in the world. A New Zealander as was Sir Edmund Hillary, the first person to scale Mt Everest. Mark is now a leading international motivational speaker too.  How rightly her says - Positivism is the only free thing in life! He got stuck in a snow cave on Mt Cook in 1983 at age 23 for approx 14 days due to extreme weather.  Being frost bitten, both his legs had to be amputated below the knees.  This did not deter him from chasing his dream of scaling Mt Everest.  And he did it in 2006.What he has to say about his amputated legs!  He says people see him as a man with no legs.  But for him, it is a man who will never get a frostbite Heights of positivism is all I can say.  The only black dot that does not diminish ever is the controversy that he and his team mates did not assist a stranded, gravely injured British mountaineer  David Sharp just 450 metres down the summit the day he scaled Mt Everest.  David Sharp did not survive.  

Here's a picture of Mt Everest.  Its the top right pic in the collage. As seen from Nathulla Pass. These are pics of Nathulla Pass in India.  My dream holiday yet to happen some day!

This moment reminds me of a lovely  book I read and re-read sometime back. `Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom'. Beautiful  thoughts and life's lessons.  Believe me, it peps you up every time you read it!


  1. Hi Aishwarya, Thought provoking quote. Lovely pictures. Hope you can get to enjoy your dream vacation soon. Must look out for the book you mentioned. Am presently reading The Greatness Guide by Robin Sharma

  2. You are right Aishwarya, we frequently want more, complain about our life, though we don't notice, that thank God, we have everything in it.
    Wishing you as Sangeetha, to fulfill your dream some day... just believe!

  3. Yes dears. We must remind ourselves and make it a habit to ALWAYS THINK POSITIVE

  4. Lovely quotes Life is now here ! Fulfill your dream. Though Mt.Everest is in Nepal and I live here, yet to view it nearly ..hope someday ! :)

  5. Love the quote Life is now here ! well said.
    Though Mt.Everest is in my country Nepal, I have never had a chance for even its near glimpse. Hope someday. And yeah, please do visit here. :)

  6. Thank you. Much nearer and easier for you to view Mt Everest