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March 30, 2013

My Niece's Ta...dahhhhs!!

Perseverance thy name Akshata!

Heard of Super computers na?  Akshata is a Super human being!  A lovely soul. She is an Engineer, a crafter, a good cook, a great dancer, ever smiling with a never say die attitude, a super mom :) Its difficult to sum it all up.  I have missed out on soooooooo many other feathers in her cap!

She's learnt to knit and crochet recently.  It was last march.  She had come down with her lovely kids from USA and I had gone with my girls to meet her.  There, we used to have a lot of OUR time, sharing craft bits and sweet talks.  One of our activities used to be in blogland.  We decided to crochet something.  The lovely Tea cosies was what we chose to crochet.  And the inspiration came from Alice of  Crochet with Raymond. Here, have a look .

First task was to find a tea pot.  My sis - in - law had one.  And I started to crochet the tea cosy for Akshata to take off. She was new to crochet but managed to get hold of the stitches.  This was probably a day before we left from there.  And this girl used to crochet a few stitches whenever she found time, that too no simple task. Managing three kids.  She has a son and twins - two lovely girls.They were then 10 months old.  I left the next day by train.  It was a long journey back home!  The next day, when I called her to say we had reached, she said check your mail :)


A beginner, dabbling in crochet in a day's time!!  Why did it take me a year to post it?  :) People update on WIPs and I have missed out on a few Ta...dahs.... unpardonable.  Shall soon post about a jacket I completed last Nov!

She's learnt to knit too. Her mother in law taught her how to.   I took pics of her work. Mind you, she knit two of everything for her twins :)

All this, while managing a home and three toddlers!!!

Isn't that inspiration enough to work hard!

Have a wonderful week ahead...........

An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory..... Friedrich Engels


  1. Wow! Akshata does seem to be a superwoman. And a prolific knitter. She has made so many wonderful items. She seems to be a really fast learner.
    Yes, do write a little more often, your posts are always interesting.

  2. It's amazing to me how some folks can learn to knit or crochet and then next thing you know they are whipping things out right and left. It took me 20 years to finally figure out the stitches for crochet. Ha! Her work is lovely. Best wishes, Tammy

  3. Thanks for such encouraging words. Its made her day. Yes. Perseverance and perfectionist. A go getter! Thats what makes her excel in anythying she lays hands on!

  4. Lovely knitting ! She is truly talented and a quick learner:) I was a full time IT professional, but working late hrs in India is very common in IT. So I used to grab the oppurtunity on weekends to make something. It is actually a relaxation for professionals.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog!

  5. Oooh the baby dresses are fabulous!!! and Thank you so much for the kind words on my Foam Flower Cala Lily tutorial Tell your daughter I first became a doctor[was obsessed about becoming one from early childhood!] and then much later started to craft to de-stress!!

  6. Ash I liked the skirt. It looks so awesome. Can you ask her to share the pattern. GOD bless her on all the future projects. ask her to start a blog and we can follow her. Please do add yourself as my follower.

    1. I have mailed her to send the pattern. I only know that it is done in pannels. Six pannels joined together to make the skirt. I

  7. How could I miss this post???
    Oh, such beautiful creations by your niece! Tell her is a great designer and I applaud to her patience and finding time to knit in her busy days :)