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November 14, 2012

Twin creations this Diwali


A festival of light, Deepavali, is a New Year too to a large number of people in India.  The biggest festival too amongst the umpteen number of festivals that we celebrate.  I love making Rangolis.  In fact, my profile picture too is a Rangoli that I created a 3 years ago.  Here's what I created this Diwali.

Its made with coloured powder, quite coarse... like sand and this Rangoli style is called Sanskar Bharati rangolis.  Here's what I made over the years during diwali. Have a look.  Let me know if you like them :)
This is what adorns our doorstep today.  I am so excited to show it to you :)

We are having happy times.  Rare occasions where the family get togethers happen.  My brother-in- law and family have come down too.  Kids are having a ball of a time. What with eating sweets and bursting crackers. Nidhi, my sis-in law kept me company last night while making this Rangoli.  Thanks for her patience :).... it took me two hours! 

How can I miss out on my hanging lamp shade, commonly called a  Kandeel.  I blogged about it here. I made a kandeel for the first time.  And am not able to hide my child like happiness, excitement and satisfaction..... It adorns our balcony.  Diwali being a festival of light, there's glitter all over, diyas... candles .......sparkling lights

Ah!  this kandeel took good four days to complete.  I did it at leisure.  Laborious though it was fun making it.  Glimpse of the steps involved

And finally

It inspired my 10 year old Vandita to create a Rangoli too.... :) Her first attempt.

I had planned to put up these Twin Creations today.  Happy, I did'nt put it off for tomorrow.  Its 1.27 am happy over my accomplishment :)


  1. hi, Aishwarya! I loved your Rangoli! It really looks beautiful. Yes, it differs from the one made in North India. I liked the Kandeel you made, congrats as first attempt was successful!
    Have a happy week and a weekend :) Anna

  2. Hi Aishwarya, So, I was right about your project being a kandeel! A very nice one, I must say. I wish you would put up a tutorial as this is one item I have never tried to make. Loved your rangoli.

  3. Yes Sangeetha..... you were right indeed. Now putting up a tutorial for this does'nt make sense. Cause getting the main raw material... the wood is difficult. You need bamboo for this which needs to be sliced into sticks of 10 inches which is the most difficult part.

  4. It's been nice learning of this tradition and seeing so many Indian bloggers who have created such lovely rangolis. We have an Indian restaurant here called Rangoli that is filled with beautiful framed Indian quilts and gorgeous colors. Your kandeel is lovely, too. Looks like it was tricky to put together. Best wishes, Tammy

  5. Hi, Aishwarya! There is an award for you in my blog:)

  6. Oh wow! Thanks Anna.... thanks for thinking about me.

  7. Your Rangolis are beautiful!! You are an expert !! :)