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November 08, 2012

My second anniversary!

Unthinkable earlier.  Now possible.  I was solving Sudoku at 11 am, working on a project for Diwali at noon and a craft adventure post lunch.   Been two years today, since I chose to become a homemaker.  And I have been as busy as I  used to be while working. Enjoyed the earlier stint of a working woman, working easily 12 hours a day! and the present role of a homemaker.  Making up for all those small little pleasures that I missed earlier.  In short, its up to us how and what we make of this sweet life. Reminds me of a quote which I read on the white board displayed in the garden where I go for my morning walks. A man is happy not because he has everything in life but because his attitude towards everything in life is right :)

Here's a glimpse of what I was up to today....

Playing with bamboo sticks :)  It is said that if you want to reach your goals, declare them amongst your family and friends.  It automatically motivates you to work towards them. I'll work towards accomplishing this small little goal.  Promise.  Before Diwali.  Any guesses?

And the best part of the day was post lunch.  My elder daughter  Upasana, had a birthday party to attend.  A good friend of hers.and she wanted to gift a handmade gift.  We were brainstorming what to make and she said a frame?  I said YES. Thanks to Anna.   I had seen a DIY photo frame which my new blog friend Anna crafted.  Have a look .  She had also linked Dr Sonia and Nehas blogs for this DIY Photo frame.  Both of them really crafty.  Believe me, we had lot of fun crafting this photo frame. Here's Dr Sonia's and here's Neha's .

And here's what we crafted

Upasana has picked up crocheting in the last vacations and we crocheted some flowers and leaves to add life to the frame :)

It was really satisfying.....  My second anniversary as a homemaker was wonderful indeed.  


  1. Hi, Aishwarya! Congrats on your anniversary being a homemaker :)
    Thanks for linking me in your post and yes, DR Sonia has so wonderful stuff in her blog, you can't even imagine this beauty can be done from paper!Neha indeed is a crafty gal too.
    Have a nice day and.. I have no idea what you are up to with Diwali crafting!

  2. Hi Aishwarya, Congrats on your anniversary. For me its been more than six years and I still miss working. But a lot has been achieved in these 6 years so no regrets, actually. And of course now I am a full time crocheter. :)
    It is good to know that Upasana has picked up crocheting skills from you.
    Are you making a Kandeel by any chance? Best of luck for your project.
    Wishing you a very Happy Deepavali.

  3. It is always so rewarding when a kind soul takes the trouble to let me know one of my tutorials helped them!And even more wonderful when you link to me.Thank you so much! Am drooling over the crocheted flowers!!
    Dr Sonia

  4. Hi.... Thank you all. And Sangeetha.... my fingers are sore today.... working on those bamboo sticks though I enjoyed every bit of it.... Wishing you all a Very Happy Bright and Colourful Deepavali.