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December 18, 2012



Anna of surprised me with a Liebster Blog award.She has a lovely blog. It so clearly portrays that she has an open mind, is fun loving, loves to experiment, crazy of crochet.  For an up-coming  blogger, its so much fun to be receiving an award :) I experienced childlike happiness.  Googled a bit to find out what this is all about.  A German word meaning dearest or beloved...... given to up-coming blogs

Thank you so much Dear Anna

Anna gave some homework.  She's posed few questions and I in turn have to nominate 11 new bloggers too.  That was a daunting task. phew...the blogland is so full of wonderful blogs, it was very difficult to zero down to 11.

Anna... I have completed my homework :)   Here are my answers to Anna's questions

1. If you were offered unexpectedly to go somewhere for a trip, which destination would it be?
I recently visited Matheran with my hubby.... a hillock close to Mumbai.  Such a lovely hillstation. I'd love to go there again. The smallest hill station of India and behold... the only hill station in the world where no vehicles are allowed.  To protect it from pollution, all vehicles are banned.  There is a toy train which reaches you to the place.  Then you either walk or hire a horse.  We stayed there for three days and just walked walked and walked.

A glimpse of  Matheran

2. What is your favourite book?

We both love books.  We don't read novels though.  We do general reading.  Authors like Robin Sharma, Paulo Coelho, Dr Wayne Dyer Malcom Gladwell, Stephan Covey intrigue me a lot. Since we don't have a TV at home (its been 9 years without one :)), the children too have got into a reading habiit.  One outing a month to Crossword is for sure !  The book that comes to my mind at the moment though is TWO STATES written by Chetan Bhagat.  Though he has four books to his credit, each one is a master piece.  Two States is so much fun reading, that I flip through a page whenever I feel low and it sure does revive me back on track :)

3. Are you a dreamer?

At times I do day dreaming too :)

4. What was the best food you ever tried?
Its always fish
If I have a choice, I'd eat fish for breakfast lunch dinner... oh! how could I forget tea time?
We call it bellanji in Konkani.  I think silver fish could be its English name... Here.....

5. Do you have many friends (in real)?

Over the years they have grown in number.  But a few are for life.  The 4am friends.  Very few though.

6. Would you like to go to the Moon (and back)?

It reminds me of an anecdote. Upasana my elder daughter once said that she wishes to become an astronaut.  My younger daughter, Vandita.... was amused.  Thought for a while and said... Didi... please don't.  So when we asked her why, she said, the moon is so small, what if you trip, you'll fall back on earth and he is too far away.  So don't leave us.  Hmmmm... well. I'd not want to scare my daughter :)

7. How does your ideal day look like?

Of having the freedom to do what I want to without any strings or attachments.  We play so many roles in a day. Of a wife, a mother, a daughter in law, a friend etc.... So many a times, we are bound by certain actions. An ideal day would be to be able to manage all that and also have MY TIME

8. Would you like to learn any new language?

I have a working knowledge of 7 languages so far.  Few more are always welcome

9. Are you (and your house) ready for Christmas/New year celebrations yet?

These are not big festivals that we celebrate over here. So not much to do. But these days I love browsing through blogs full of life with christmas decorations.

10. What is your best memory so far?

Quite a few. Extremely difficult to pen them down and injustice to a memory if missed out...haha

11. Any new skill/craft you would to learn?


Phew..... Anna...... this task was too daunting.....  Says a lot about me.  I'd skip 11 facts about me.

Here are my nominees....   in random order.

and my 11 questions to my nominees are

1.  The last time you laughed really hard
2. A holiday you'll never forget
3. Something that really shocked you
4. Something you have been longing to do or learn
5. One past incident that you would like to change
6. The last time you cried your heart out
7. Your best creation/project so far
8. Your inspiration
9. Your view on New Year Resolutions.  Name one if you plan to make
10. How do you take care of yourself, your health... Its important.  Health is all wealth
11. Your fondest childhood memory

Blogland after all is a beautiful world... so much fun to be in and its you all bloggers who make it so beautiful. Wish you all a wonderful day.


  1. Aishwarya, thanks for referring to me almost all over the post..:)glad you answered my questions, it was so much interesting to read!well, ideal day is like the one I'd like to know many people want just be themselves:)I got to know about tatting now..want to try too!
    have a nice day and take care:) (I was surprised you don't have TV in your house!wow!was it a voluntary choice;))

    1. My pleasure Anna. Ya. Not having TV rather discarding it 9 years ago was our personal choice. Upasana had become a Cartoon addict. So we decided to do away with the TV. Our parents who stay with us supported us too. It feels so good. Else, our evening schedules used to revolve around TV programmes. Children got into reading habit because of that.

    2. I' got back to your reply over two months!sorry.
      I guess it is a great idea, as TV really makes us forget other simple pleasures and hobbies.
      Have a nice weekend!

  2. I'm really honored for the nomination, but I can't answer the questions in blogland. Some of them touch really personal tragedies in my life that must remain private. I am thankful for each of my followers and sincerely hope everyone shares a deep love of thread crochet (particularly doilies) with me. Have a great day! Linda/lindacrochets

    1. Thats absolutely fine. I respect your feelings.

      I hold you in great esteem. You have been crochetign for 50 years!! The doilies are absolutely stunning. I so love them.Take care

  3. Hello, dear Aishwarya!!!
    I'm very grateful that you have given me the award. I thank you, I was very excited. But if you're a follower of my blog you will know that I do not ever publish the awards I receive, I know, I'm so ... I do not want to explain things in my private life except those in public blog ... Anyway, as I say, I'm infinitely grateful and I am happy to know you like my blog.
    Thanks .... thanks ... and forgive me if I offense you with my decision, I would not.
    See you out there!
    Thanks and Merry Christmas!

    1. Not at all Cristina. Thats absolutely fine. This is I think a novel way of getting to know each other. I am perfectly OK with your decision.

      Merry Christmas to you too

  4. Thanks Aishwarya - I am humbled by your kind gesture. Sure I shall answer all the questions in my blog and will give a link up later but finding difficluty in nominating other 11 wonderful people.Since it is a small world will be skipping this. btw do you live in India.

    1. Yes. I live in India. And here I am ... presently in blogland :)

  5. So nice to learn more about you. Your idea day sounds like the kind I would like to have. We just started our winter break so two whole weeks off from school. I am hoping to have some idea days during that time. Much cleaning, purging and organizing to do around here, though. Ugh! Matheran sounds like a wonderful place to visit. A friend here is from Mumbai and goes to visit her mother every Christmas. I must ask her about it. We love to walk, walk, walk -- and hope one day to visit India again, though they sure do make it hard and expensive to get visas. :/ Please send me an email with your address. I would like to send you something small -- and would like to see how long it would take to get to you from here. Our mail system is really, really, really bad! Wishing you all the best, Tammy