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May 26, 2012

Of valleys and elephants

The second day of our week end trip was to the valley of Coorg, also known as Madikere.  Again 100 plus kilometres from Mysore.  Valleys and valleys of coffee plantations.  Hardly any plains in the town.  Too steep roads and curves.  Our first stop over was Dubare, an elephant sanctuary.  I have laid down few snaps.  I couldn't stop clicking pics I tell you :)

                    To reach the elephant sanctuary of Dubare, we crossed this green heaven on a raft. 

By the way, this was our vacation 2011 project.  Little V and I painted these cute friends on her T shirt

As we reached the other side, we found Kaveri and her baby heading to the river for a bath

 What ensued after that was this

This sanctuary has 19 elephants.  30 year old Gopi and 34 year old Kaveri were with us that day.  The names of all the 19 elephants, their ages have been displayed on a board.  It is in Kannada.

The kids loved the rides on the elephants and fed them coconut kernels

                                                              This was 30 year old Gopi

Our next stop over was at Abbey falls and Nisargadhama in Coorg.  They say, it has little water because of summer.  Nevertheless, it was mesmerising to view the waterfall.

I'll share the Tibetan Monastery pics later on.  Those are are all a splash of rainbow colours.  The Monastery is sooooo very serene and beautiful.  A memorable day indeed!!!

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