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May 28, 2012

happy moments

At times, we fondly remember visiting a place.  They infuse moments of joy and happiness.  Bylakuppe was one such place.  After Bandipur and Bandipur and Coorg, it was Bylakuppe.  The Tibetan Monastery is situated there.  I was speeckless.  Colours bright and beautiful all around.  Serene and peaceful. The Buddhist Golden Temple.

Three different angles.

Outside the temple was this huge bell

What led us in was this huge beautiful gate


Inside the temple, was this huge cloth bell hung at the ceiling.

It was a little dark inside.

Look at the door......

And the walls

How colourful the pillar is........

What adorned the wall outside was this picture. Depicting harmony even amongst unequals.

And.......... the sanctum sanctorum.  The deities

Can you see the dragon and the long cloth bell?

The Flags,,,,,,,, what colours!!

There were monks practicing some kind of ritual

And these small flags.... They are believed to carry message of peace, love and harmony when the breeze flutters them..... how sweet

The temple is surrounded by 

We left saying bye to these beautiful birds..............  Bring back happy moments :)


  1. ash - nice place to go for a holiday. My sister has also visited. Thanks for the detailed presentation

  2. My pleasure!

    Waiting for an opportunity to go back to this place. So serene and peaceful!