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May 25, 2012


Its been ages since I could take an uninterrupted vacation.  I mean away from work with no work related matters playing on your mind.  I have come to Bangalore with the children.  Obviously V could not have taken such a long vacation. Thats the only link missing in the fun that has ensued since then.

Off we went on a weekend trip  that Monday morning to the Princely town of Mysore.  We checked in into Ginger in the noon.  Post lunch, we hired a vehicle, set off for Bandipur National Park.

What a journey! Oh my... Lush green forest all around.

This was our first sight of a deer  

And he ran at the sight of our car :)

 A fawn and her family
                                                                  A Bunny

He was lying on our path.  

And he made way for us

Look at that....... staring at us?

                            This is where the animals come down to drink water

                            They say, elephants love bamboo...
                            There were too many bamboo grooves all around

There is an elephant sanctuary there

The kiddos enjoyed the journey through the forest 

                                                   And so did their aunt, Mini

The journey back home was wonderful too...oh so green!

The sun was playing hide and seek.... this was at 5.30pm

Suddenly it turned quite dark and cloudy
Good.... did'nt rain till we reached back to Ginger

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