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March 01, 2012

Tangy chillie chutney

It takes a jiffy to turn out this tangy chutney. Simple, easy and swift.  I make it to last for a couple of weeks and it just vanishes within a week. Tempting and tangy :) Tastes good with chapatis.

Heres how we go about. You may vary the quantities as per taste.

Green chillies....Stir fry for a while in a little oil and enjoy its aroma

Garlic pods and ground nuts....

Coriander leaves...

Grind coarsely without water. Ya... add salt as per taste.  Store the chutney in the refrigerator.

Tangy chilly chutney is ready


  1. Wow, it is quick and easy! I can almost smell your delicious chutney! :) xx