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March 08, 2012

Here's a rainbow!!


Happy Holi to you all !

Its time of the year again to celebrate Holi, the festival of colours. Let me share beautiful colours with you at
 this moment

Here are Rangolis I created over the years.  What an occassion to be sharing colours with you!
Here's wishing you a colour filled bright and vibrant life ahead, a reminder to bring in colour into life and
make it beautiful

Sanskar Bharati Rangolis created with Rangoli powders.  Gives this soul a  lot of joy and happiness.

Leave a comment if you liked them  :)

Lemme share with you the significance of Holi.  If you ponder for a while, you realise that Holi festival has Religious/mythological, Scoio cultural and even scientific significance attached to it. 

Religious significance
Mythological significance

There are quite a few legends attached to this festival

Shri Krishna loved to play colours with his beloved Radha and others.  He was deligted to spray coloured water on Radha and this trend continued over the centuries

There is also a legend that Shri Krishna killed the female demon Putanaa who was sent to kill infant Krishna on this day

Then goes the legend of Prahlad and Hiranyakashyap.  This legend is quite popular which depicts that if you truly love GOD and worship GOD, he will take care of you in any adversity that you face, triumph of good over evil.  Hiranyakashyap is an infamous king who believes that he is GOD.  So, when he sees his son Prahlad praying to Lord Vishnu, he wants to get his son killed and asks Holika, his sister to enter fire with his son Prahlad.  Holika has a boon that fire can not destroy her.  The legend then portrays that eventually Holika gets killed and Prahlad is unscathed cause
GOD protects him.

Most parts of Southern India believe in a legend of Lord Shiva and lord of passion Kaamdeva.  Kaamdeva tries to distract Lord Shiva while he meditates and Lord Shiva kills Kaamdeva for this act of highhanded behaviour of an overconfident Kaamdeva

Socio-cultural significance

Holi provides an atmosphere of bon homie amongst friends and relatives.  People greet each other and play with colours.  It is believed that this is a day where even enemies forgive and forget and go ahead bridging their differences.Strengthens relationship and ushers in joyous atmosphere.

Scientific significance

This is a phase where winter cedes and spring begins.  Generally, people during this period are not very active.  Holi helps to bring in  energy and make people active to welcome spring. Also, during holi, there is this tradition of bonefire wherein it is believed that all evil is destroyed ushering a new hope, a new phase.  The fire helps to cleanse the atmosphere and when people circumambulate the fire, provides warmth and a feeling of starting afresh.

Holi thus provides more than what meets the eye.

Little V had a gala time in the morning playing colours with her friends.  And how can I forget what I made!

These are called Nevry

or Karanji

Sweets made for this Holi. A long way to reach perfection :)... nevertheless... they turned out well.

Signing off for now.... Wishing you a Happy Holi once again


  1. The sand art is simply beautiful. I hope to one day visit India and see some art like that myself. Thanks for sharing the pics.

  2. Thank you MrBrownThumb for the encouragement. This sand art in India is called `Rangoli'.