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February 10, 2012

Remembering DAD

Hi :)

Been away from blogging for quite a while.... Why was I away?   Blogland is indeed a very nice corner of this world!

Remembering DAD.  It was his birthday today.  I mean it is and will always be.  Been 13 long years.... Initial years were very difficult.  To come to terms and accept the fact itself took a very long time.  Time is the only healer I guess.  Looking back, its the best way one can chance upon to go.  No suffering, no pain though it was so swift and sudden that he left a void so wide that I found it very difficult to believe the truth.  Dad lived life KING size.  Enjoyed every bit of it. Lived life his way.  Life was hard on him in his childhood and youth but probably his grit, will power, determination, courage stood like a rock behind him. He could never forget his hard days.  He would tell me  ` I am what I am today because.........'.  or ` You are here today because.......' and share stories and anecdotes of his life.  There was always something to learn  from him. I think Dad loved me more than I did.  Ah! my DAD..  Gave me life... Love you Dad!

Here's a pic.  On board a ship.  He worked for  Indian Navy. A few decades old pic.

Lt V V Nilkund

Happy Birthday Dad and we all love you Dad

And these shone on his chest


  1. Your Dad sounds like he was a wonderful man. So good that you have such great memories of him. Sending hugs to you today, xx

  2. Thanks Tina! And make the most of your time with your Dad. I hope you have continued with your afternoon outings with him:)