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September 07, 2011

A pebble in the pond.....

Still was the pond, serene and blue
Home they had made a quarter of the pond, the water roses
Stiff and firm, yet graceful and confident the green petals proudly arched out
Garlands of greens surrounded the pond
Tall stood the grass, the lotus and her twin petals
On its periphery were the Casurina trees, whispering to each other the scenic beauty around
Never did I notice that my world had divided and drifted to an unknown land
An epoch it had become, that dreamland of mine
As I was lost watching the serene blue waters
In fell a pebble from nowhere
The calmness vanished
There were ripples all over the pond, spreading towards its periphery
Fishes beneath the water ran helter skelter
Submerged branches of trees shook slightly
Flew away the birds perched on them hitherto waiting for their catch of fish
I looked around confused
Wherefrom did the pebble fall!
Was it destiny playing its hand?
Time took its share and serenity of pond restored
Here as I sat watching its beauty
In fell a pebble again, ripples swimming ashore
But times have changed
I am confident, this time around I’d tide over

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  1. Its wonderful to read your Blog.Speaks volumes of your personality. Happy writing....