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August 31, 2011

Take care of your heart

Do not deceive yourself

Are you overworking beyond limits of necessity?
Do you take 30 minutes walk each day?
Breakfast? Err.. I have to skip today… no way. I’ll have it around 11 am
Lunch… oops its already 3 pm?!
Dinner….. atleast lemme have it at peace…say 11ish?
Finally…… to bed at midnight
Wake up…. Its morning again… have to ready the kids to school

A typical daily schedule for scores of us each day
In a state of awareness? We know it isn’t right… It isn’t good for us.  Yet, we are far away from the state of awakening. High time we need to make a beginning and change this lifestyle.  Afterall, we need to take care of our heart, keep it beating strong and steady.

Here’s something that we’ve been having for the last couple of months.  I thought I must share this here.  Though, looks cumbersome, my Hubby is the inspiration behind our effort and the last time we made it, he had the patience to even start making this at 10 pm! It’s a syrup, believed to be good in taking care of blockages in the veins….. in arresting cholesterol in the arteries.

There are 5 ingredients.  Lemon, garlic, ginger, apple vinegar and honey. Mind you no side effects and one develops a taste for it within a short span of time.  As you are aware, Lemon juice helps in controlling blood pressure, purifies blood, and strengthens the immune system as it has vitamin C, B, calcium and iron. It protects our body against germs and bacteria. Ginger is an anti-inflammatory helps in thinning blood and arresting cholesterol.  Garlic is also highly beneficial in lowering cholesterol levels and reversing high blood pressure.  It boosts immunity, helps in overcoming fatigue and is an antiseptic too. I do not know much about benefits of apple vinegar but had read sometime back regarding its properties in reducing pressure, breaking down fat content and lowering cholesterol.  Honey of course has numerous medicinal values. To name some, a source of quick energy and an effective heart stimulant.

Here’s how we make the syrup.  It is to be had a tablespoon each morning before breakfast.

What we need…. A bowl of lemons, garlic, ginger, apple vinegar and honey

Squeeze out juice of lemons.  Extract juice of ginger.  I used the food processor. For garlic, we can grind the garlic pods with a little water to a smooth paste.

Then boil one bowl of lemon juice, one bowl of ginger juice, one bowl of garlic juice and one bowl of apple vinegar for about 30 minutes on slow fire so that say 1/4th of the syrup gets evaporated, leaving approx 3 bowls of the mixture.  

 After it cools down, add 3 bowls of honey to it and store it in a glass jar.

Please store the jar in the refrigerator.  The syrup is ready.


  1. Wonderful! Healthy and natural, the best combination! Thanks for sharing, xx