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November 09, 2011

Why do we put off things for tomorrow ....

This little ant is always at work, saving for THAT rainy day.

And us?

Why do we put off things for tomorrow that we can do today?  I am very much aware of this DEFECT in me.  But have not  yet been able to make a beginning …. Of doing things when they need to be done.  Oh heights !…. I laugh at myself at times when I realize that I have put off things for ages…. Sometimes it reaches a dead end because I put off things… At times cause for an argument because of the consequences of putting off things.   Was wondering how I start off. And stop putting off things for that some other time….. later, tomorrow, after a while…. Phew..  This has been crossing my mind for a while. And you know what?  I have been putting off penning this down for a while now ! 

I think following things should cure

1. Make a small list – not over 3” X 4” for the next day and fix it at such a place that you’d not miss it It works like a visual reminder. I make them and when I check back, only a few would have been crossed off.  At times none!

2. List should be such that what needs priority is given preference over others.  At         times we tend to do something that we love to do and put off things that don’t interest     us but may be important and time bound.

3.  Delaying things, chores are just excuses we find to put off.  Rather, sternly tell ourselves that that this needs to be done NOW.

4. Break the monotony of thoughts which tempt us to put off things for later…. Will give us double boost of energy when we do it NOW. Saves a lot of energy, reduces heartburns and guilt feelings, brings happiness.

5. Some important tasks which are painful are the easiest prey.  Announce them to the family so that external pressure also is built up to complete the task on time

The pleasure of completing a task is equivalent to gathering double the energy.  One finds peace within one self. Hence…….. just dive in! 

Signing off with this fact……Life is what we make out of it. 


  1. Good post! I make myself do a job by promising myself a nice cup of tea when I'm finished it! :)

  2. Oh! so a cup of tea is inspiration? Good enough :)

  3. Hi Aishwarya! This post is an excellent door to my country (Venezuela) there is a popular saying: "Don't put off for tomorrow what you can do today" and that's very true...
    Lorena, from the kurti shop.