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May 14, 2014

Baking fun

I accidentally got to know of a baking class through a dear friend way back in Dec `13.  And jumped at this opportunity.  My girls love cakes.  That was the inspiration plus the zest to learn a new thing.  Just a two day class of 3 hours each.  We learnt to make 6 varieties.  Thanks to Shubhada Gadkari.  She is meticulous and particular.  No wonder her passion for baking could be easily seen in the class.

Since then, every b'day in the family gave me an opportunity to try.  Base cakes I've been baking regularly.  But those special ones were reserved for b'days.  This was the latest.  Chocolate truffle. Completely baked and decorated by my daughter Upasana under my supervision :)  I have graduated :)

My daughters chose what they wanted for their b'day.  So Jan and Feb was Chocolate truffle and black forest.

Here's the black forest . (Pls don't mind the quality of pics.  These two were from a cell

Then March saw fresh fruit cake. This was the best that I liked.  Sob sob I DON"T LIKE CHOCOLATE CAKES but I bake them for my girlies.

Here I could use strawberries, pineapple, black grapes and kiwi.

I also tried my hand at pineapple upside down

And ofcourse walnut cake and cup cakes

With the mango season on, I tried fresh fruit with mango layers

BaKiNg hAs beEn FUN :)


  1. OMG they look sooooooo yummy. Tempting.
    The icing and decoration you have done looks awesome!!!

  2. Oh my gosh those are mouth watering.... Very well done!!

    1. Hi I came back to let you know that I have you San award on my blog
      ... I hope you will accept it because I like your blog and the things that you blog about.

  3. Finally! I am so glad to see a post from you Aishwarya! And also so yummylicious!
    I love all the cakes you made - want to try all. It is really good that you attended baking classes, I think this is something every girl should know. Baking give sme immense plesaure as a process and also makes me happy when my family likes what I bake. Did you use microwave? I am really thinking I need one soon...
    Take care and have a nice day!

  4. Thank you Anna. Yes.... I was'nt away from blogland though but was away from blogging :)

    I used the OTG. Haven't tried on the microwave as yet.

  5. Hi Aishwarya, all the cakes look yummy and tempting!! Hope you remember are going to teach me. :)
    Have a great weekend.

  6. Yes ofcourse. When are you coming home?

  7. Hi.. found your blog through Ruth's rosehill cottage blog.. love your blog. All the cakes looks so yummy! your daughter must be really good at baking.. the chocolate truffle looks absolutely delicious..

  8. Welcome to my blog Anitha. Thank you. Well.... this is the first cake that she baked independently. Believe me, it isn't that difficult. Thanks to my teacher :)

  9. Hi Aishwarya !!

    Cakes look really tempting and delicious. Give my congratulations to your daughter Upasana. Chocolate truffle looks really awesome..............