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February 26, 2014

Plant Exhibition - 2014

Before I begin with a few pics from a plant exhibition we recently had in the city, lemme show you my green corner again.  I just change positions of the few pots that I have and admire myself at the new look and be happy.  :)

And now for some pics from the plant exhibition.  This year.  The number of bonsai plants were less.  But we have bonsai exhibitions once or twice a year in the city.  Oh!  those are amazing.  I learnt the basics of bonsai  last year.  But the plant did not survive.  I'll try again.

Now for some pics.  There were flower arrangement , bonsai competitions there.  Please don't mind the quality of the pics.  They were taken from my cell.

Can you see the green rose?


This is beautiful. The bougainvilleas

Cactus.  These are so huge and must be old too cause they have flowered.

I liked this idea.  Its an old tray.  Huge one.  On which the landscaping has been done.  Thats really beautiful.

These were the only two terrariums.

There was salad decoration also.  He looks cute na?

Flower arrangement.  I liked this a lot.  Simple but beautiful.

This got the first prize

Look at this.....  This reminds me of christmas snow flakes.  (crocheted :))

This is my favourite.  The adenium.  It has been grafted multiple times.  So we can see different shades of the flower on the same plant.

I ENJOYED MY VISIT TO THIS EXHIBITION.  I bought three petunia plants.  Have to buy a pot to repot them.  Could'nt make that buy as yet.  Will do that soon.  I bought some radish and carrot seeds too.  Plant to sow them tom. A special day for me.  My girl turns 18.


  1. Lovely flowers!! They are all so gorgeous. My sister loves gardening too. And a very happy birthday to your daughter :-)

  2. Garden and flowers are a sight for sore eyes! I love gardening too. Though it needs a lot of care, they are worth it.

    1. Rightly said. It does need care. And the ahppiness it gives is manifold. Not been able to open your blog Shobha. Been trying. Thanks for your visit.

  3. wow ! you have a lovely space ! nice visiting u ! lets be in touch!

  4. pretty nice blog, following :)