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November 07, 2013

Rangoli & Candle making fun

Happy Diwali
Happy New Year

Its time of the year again to have fun
making Rangolis, lighting diyas and candles 
and eating goodies.  Not to forget the cleaning and decorating homes

My daughter suggested that we create a different Rangoli this year.
And we created these twin birds

It took us good 3 hours

 A collective effort of  my daughters and me.  Initially, I was doing it with my elder daughter Upasana.  My younger daughter Vandita was just assisting us with colours.  We underestimate our children.  We were apprehensive to allow her also to fill colours.  But we gave in.  And she did all the flowers and leaves.

I also made these diyas and my daughters helped me in painting.  All out of waste.  Had earthen diyas which had been used over the year, black with soot.  Washed them and painted with fabric paints.  I then melted wax that I had stored out of melted candles. Each colour separately and poured into the diyas.  Placed a tooth pick for the wick to stand erect in the wax.

And Ta...dahh..

The balcony's peppered with twinkling lights and the `Kandeel'

It has been a pleasure to making Rangolis over the years.  You can see them here  and here .

Happy Diwali to all


  1. That's a cute Rangoli!! :) your daughters did a great job!! When Anshita was 4-6 years old, I used to draw a separate Rangoli for her to color.We should never stop them. I would correct it a bit once she completed. Isn't it wonderful that we are able to teach these traditions to our kids?
    Your diyas look very bright and beautiful and New!! Well done!! I use acrylic paints for diyas.

  2. Thanks Preeti. Yes. The best part is that the kids are showing an interest in learning these traditions. All of it happens subtly. When we create something, they chip in and learn in the process.

  3. Wow I know how used diyas look and you've made them look beautiful with your creative work. Hats off!! :-)

  4. Best out of waste Ranjitha. You can't throw away the Diyas. So this is a simple, creative and easy and satisfying way of reusing the Diyas:)

  5. I love that Rangoli. Wow! So beautiful. You all did a great job. I think you should transfer that pattern to fabric. Or embroidery. Very nice! And good job on the diyas, too. Such lovely traditions. Best wishes, Tammy

    1. Thats a good idea Tammy. I think I'd paint it on a Tshirt

  6. Everything is so beautiful! You all did an amazing job!