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October 31, 2013

Lamp, Lampshade... that too crocheted from scratch

It is not hot out of the owen!  I mean the lampshade is now good 25 days old :)  I have been wanting to write about it for lonnnng.   And kept postponing it for various reasons.  Why do we postpone things for tomorrow?  I have still not found a solution to this habit of mine.  I had blogged about it here.

I crocheted this lampshade.  Yes, I even created the lamp's skeleton.  Gifted it to my V on his b'day on 5th Oct.  

I had this idea in mind for a long time.  But I did not find a simple plain lampshade.  One day, somewhere mid September, I so badly wanted to crochet a lampshade, that I found a solution.  Necessity they  say is the mother of inventions.  I had these alluminium wires, which I bought for creating a bonsai.  They are flimsy and bend easily.  And I created a skeleton for the lamp.

Its not at all strong. And has become very delicate but I managed a good shape.  Thats all I wanted.  I played around with the little stash of yarn that I have. And....


This is by the night

Wanted this to be a lil' surprise to V.  So while I was fixing it ( took me good 10-15 minutes to fix it), it was past 12.10 am on the 5th.  He woke up because of the other light in the room probably.  Happy that I could wish him and give him this lil' cute surprise.

This month has kept me busy.  Cleaning up and sprucing the place, readying for diwali.  Loads to do.  But I enjoyed every bit of it.  Very satisfying too.  Had lot of fun today with painting earthen lamps and making candles with the kids, readying the balcony with sparkles and lampshade.  More of it to come... I'll make Rangolis tomorrow. 

Happy Halloween to you all.  Its less known in this part of the world.  But I get see lot of happenings on this front  in blogland.


  1. Great lampshade. Very colourful. I have a crochet lampshade I made ages ago, but same problem no skeleton shade to hold it. I did think of doing it with wires but the shade has a specific shape so did not try it. Hats off for doing this project from scratch.
    Happy Deepavali to you and your loved ones. We made a few goodies too and now I am looking forward to making rangolis.

  2. Hi, Aishwarya!
    The lamp shade turned out nice! I love the bright colors, and it cozies up the room immensely now, especially in the evening :) Your V must have been happy to get this crafty gift from you.
    We are also getting ready for Diwali, and cleaning up the stuff at home. Have a happy weekend and a bright Diwali!

  3. Thank you Anna & Sangeetha. Happy DIWALI to YOU and YOUR FAMILIES too

  4. You did a great job of creating your own lampshade. Crochet makes everything better. :) Best wishes, Tammy

    1. It gives me so much of joy Tammy. Everytime I see it in my room :)

  5. Lovely lampshade with brilliant colors.. looks so beautiful when they glow at night:)