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July 02, 2013

This says it all


  1. Great poster... My MIL has hindi newspaper in which they had similar poster, against child labour. can we stop it? it seems like children in India work everywhere, from dhabas to factories!

  2. My elder daughter Upasana had a Poster making project and we did this poster together. I googled on designs for this poster and combined two posters to make this one

    Well. India has a long way to go. Its poverty that drives the children into labour and people exploit their situation to no end. It will involve concerted effort from various organisations and people to make a change. The state in which I live has come up with an Education for All programme wherein every citizen was made conscious of this problem through various mediums and to make an effort to bring children who are not into schooling to schools. Yes. Its a long way.

  3. Lovely post ...few words but it says all!

    I really hate it when I see small kids working in everyone's home for money :( It is against the rules and law but nobody really cares :(

  4. Hi Aishwarya,
    Nice poster!! Hope child labour stops soon.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the lovely comments but I am unable to reply you on email as yours is a no-reply blog. If you would like to fix it, you may refer to this post.

  5. Preeti Thanks. I have done the needful :)