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July 29, 2013

An evening with birdy friends

A joyful evening indeed!  I had a lovely time today sipping tea on a jhoola (swing) next to my friend's birdy friends :)  Jagruti feeds them every morning and evening.  And she says they demand their day's share by making a lot of noise near her kitchen window if she delays.  Today, I was at her place and we were sipping tea on the jhoola and there they came.  Yellow billed babblers, Mynahs and a Tailor bird.  She fed them some sev (vermicelli) and then they stooped to conquer those lil' bits of sev!  It was fun watching  them.  I am so excited to share the pics here. The babblers were first to arrive.

The yellow billed babblers.  They are always in a flock of  7.  Also known as seven sisters.

Nosy and noisy.  They were shrivelled with fluffy plumage.

That yellow thing is the sev

There... she was the first to arrive

Please do bear with the quality of pics.  I only had my cell.  So pics aren't sharp

This is a beautiful one.  One sev in their bills and ready to fly

There was a pair of Mynahs and a tailor bird.  I could only click a pic of a Mynah.  The tailor bird stooped down while the biggies, the babblers were at work, pecked a sev and flew away.

They sure made my evening cuppa with Jagruti memorable.  Reminded me of another evening where I got to witness some rare moments

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