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September 11, 2012

I learnt something new!

The Gulmohar flowers.  The trees are so pleasing to the eyes. Its known as The Flame tree in English. The flowers are very delicate.  I never knew, until recently that these can be woven into a garland.   I learnt something new.  Here it is.  I always keep some flowers in a bowl of water on my centre table. Its the gulmorhar garland today.

Its being woven into a garland

Simple pleasures pep up the soul!


  1. Hi Aishwarya, Very neat garland. This flower is used in "choodi" puja in Shravan. Lovely doily. :) Liked your collection of knick knacks. Have you been to all these places?

  2. Thanks Sangeetha.

    Mummy crocheted the pineapple doily for me

    Been to Paris, Singapore and Sydney. The rest are from family and friends.

  3. Lovely doily ! Lovely blog !
    Thanks for the visit.