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September 08, 2012

An easy peasy potholder

The moment I saw it, I just wanted to do it.  Its really an easy peasy potholder.  The Ta...dah.... happened in a jiffy :)  Thanks to Sangeetha of Crochetkari .  Here's her tutorial . It has been detailed well.  I couldn't even wait to make the twin potholder before sharing it here.

To begin with, I did not have the right kind of cotton thread.  Unfortunately, crochet isn't a popular craft here and so getting yarns is a task in itself.  But where there is a will, there is way.  I had this binding thread, made of jute.  Its lasting, durable and can withstand a hot pot's heat! Only thing is that it is very rough and so a lil' difficult to crochet.  But serves the purpose of  a potholder.

So here's my potholder....

The only change I made in this patten, is a row of SC on the top edges, to give strength to the potholder and a neat look.

This was my fastest Ta...dah..  Thanks to Sangeetha.

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  1. Dear Aishwarya, Thanks for trying the pattern. Now I know my tutorial works! I know what you mean, good crochet material is so hard to come by here. Pity. But your option of jute is excellent. Jute coasters are ubiquitous to all handicraft melas, no?
    Have a lovely Sunday.