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July 07, 2012

The Zoo

Absolutely no headway since my post on `why do we put off things for tomorrow' .  I admit.  Is that a habit?  I wonder!  So after  the vacation and the Dubbare visit and The Golden Temple visit at Bylakuppe, we went to the Mysore Zoo.  Spread over a large area (more than 3 kilometres walk!) and over a century old, this Zoo is  definetely a delight.  We spent over four hours at the Zoo and enjoyed every bit of it.

Giraffe was the first attraction.  They were standing tall and still.  My daughter refused to believe that it was real until it starting rolling its tongue.

Isn't this rare?


The stork

The Macaws

The rainbow macaws

Look who's lazing out in the shade after lunch

The black necked swan

Scarlet Ibis

The baby on its swing

Can you spot the bear?

My! the Rhino was huge. Spraying clouds of dust with each breath

My kiddos loved the zebras

 Lazing after lunch

Star turtles.  Pic not very clear because of the glass enclosure

The Monitor lizard. Reminds me of a day in my childhood when a monitor lizard ventured into our backyard and Dasu our ferocious dog, fought relentlessly for two hours with it and killed it.  He was panting for so long after that.  We gave him lots of water and patted him for his act.  I can vividly remember his eyes as we patted him.  
History also takes us back to 1670 battle between Tanaji, Shivaji's closest friend who fought and recaptured Kondana fort, now named Sinhgad using monitor lizards to scale the forts Monitor lizards hold on to anything very very tightly.. Tanaji however died in the battle. Shivaji quipped later ` Gad ala pan sinh gela' meaning, fort was captured but the lion was lost.

Creepy creatures ahead!  The python

Anaconda... eeks he had very cruel eyes.  Scary!

We were amongst the first visitors to the zoo that day.  We had gone in early. It was quite sunny and hot Tired though at the end cause we walked more than 3 kilometres 

The girls however, enjoyed every bit of it.

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  1. Hi Aishwarya,
    Really lovely pics. You must have had a great time there. Lucky you, for getting such a rare snap of the peacock! Your girls are cute.
    Thanks for your sweet comment on my post. I too am eagerly looking forward to our tea party, hope it happens soon. (Must speak to my hubby about getting the piano....LOL)