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July 25, 2012

Aroma of Turmeric leaves

Just as certain pictures or scenes bring back childhood memories, so do aromas too.  The aroma of a turmeric leaf brings back fond childhood memories to me.  Of a sweet called Patoli in konkani language.  Oh! I used to pester mom to make 100 patolis. :) Just love Patoli.  Patolis generally are made for a festival celebrated in honour of King Cobra in India known as Nagarapanchami.  Back home in my hometown, this is the season when the turmeric pods sprout and leaves are formed.  They have a beautiful aroma.  This sweet is made on those leaves, thus adding a pleasant aroma to the sweet.  

A cousin of my husband, brought along some leaves when she was here and I made yummy Patolis.  Have a look.

This is the beginning  Chop off the tips of the leaves after a thorough clean with water.  Make paste out of refined flour.  Add a little salt and a tablespoon of jaggary.  Evenly spread it out on the leaf taking care not to reach the edge of the leaf so that it does not spill out.

Make a mixture of coconut and jaggary and heat it it till it mixes well.  Should not be too long else, the mixture gets hardened.  Then spread a little in the centre of the leaf, length wise like in the picture below.

Now, fold all the leaves and steam it in the pressure cooker for good 20 minutes.

Ah! yummy patolis ready.  Spread ghee on it while eating.  The aroma of the leaf is simply inviting and Patolis taste so good.

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  1. Hi Aishwarya, My mouth is watering. Yes patolis do bring back lovely childhood memories. Especially since I am too scared to try them for fear of failure. The patolis on the plate look so yummy. I can smell them from here....Mmmmmmmm.