Live for the Moment

Every moment counts. Hence live for the moment to be happy and light

July 20, 2011

My inspiration to blogging

After having taken a break from being a working Lady, putting in almost 12 hours each day! I now find time to pause and look at life, do all little things that I only dreamt of before.  I am glad that I did take this rather difficult task of saying goodbye to work after having worked for complete 20 years. I am enjoying it.  It feels like standing atop a peak with open arms and closed eyes and being able to breath in fresh. 
I imagine myself atop this peak!

One such aspect that gave me joy was the world of  a blogger.  Earlier, while I worked, I could hardly find time to surf the Internet. And one fine day, I happened to visit . I got hooked to it.  I visit her blog each day, just hoping that she has something to say and share. Tina, is my inspiration to start a new blog. Tina touches so many lives each day and thats my endeavour too. Thank you so much Tina. 


  1. Oh, I am so touched by your sweet words Aishwarya, thank you so much!

    I am so glad you are able to be at home now, how wonderful! I look forward to sharing your blogging journey, hugs Tina xxx

  2. Thank you Tina, for your encouraging words

    Luv, Aishwarya