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July 25, 2011

Best out of waste

It is most satisfying to be creating something new out of waste.  What I have created is called `Gozdi' colloquially in Konkani language. This is a pullover for all seasons.  What makes it more special for me is that, it is made out of my mother's old sarees.  Saree is a traditional Indian garment used by women and is 51/2 meters in length - the most graceful attire though a little cumbersome for some until, one gets used to!  I have used two of them to create this gozdi.  

Oh! it feels wonderful to be sleeping using this `Gozdi'.  Its soft feel, makes me feel as though I am sleeping on Mummy's lap.  Its a wonderful feeling to snuggle up on the bed with my `Gozdi' before drifting into my dreamland.


  1. Hi, thanks to u for stopping by my blog.
    Your mothers saree looks so adorable. How do manage the width of the Gozdi(Kaudi in kannada? I too did one out of my mothers two cotton sarees, stitched back to back but the width is less to wrap around like a bed sheet.

  2. Yes. With sarees, width becomes a problem. What can be done is, use a duvet ( used for a queens' bed, a little smaller than a double bed and centre the saree on the duvet, fold the flaps of the duvet onto the gozdi on all four sidex. So it becomes a border for the gozdi as well as helps in broadening a gozdi.