Live for the Moment

Every moment counts. Hence live for the moment to be happy and light

January 01, 2015

Just pondering

This is an impromptu blog post.  Been away from blogland for one reason or the other.

Time of the year is here again.  Of penning fresh set of  resolutions, of contemplations, of introspection.  This is the time of the year when most of us pause, stop and think of ourselves. Of how we can improve further.  Somehow, this year I am not going to make any resolution.  Cause it looks like resolutions are made to be broken :)

IS it necessary to make resolutions.  Looks like its customary.  Rather live each day... moment. Learn each day.  Be compassionate and kind to each other.  One act of kindness each day could benefit the receiver and the giver even more than the receiver.

Make the world a better place to live.  If all of us decide to do one act of kindness each day. Its possible.  Being happy is a state of mind. Keep away the negative vibes and surround yourself with positive vibrations.

Wishing all a Very Happy Healthy Prosperous Cheerful 2015

Life has its ups and downs.  Sometimes rough and sometimes smooth like the waterfall. Learning to live each day beautifully with positivity is an art, a habit we need to practise.  All the time. Cause Change is constant.


  1. Very well said dear..wish you a very happy new year. I too don't believe in making resolutions at the start of new year. .I feel it is a constant process. .to improve. .

  2. Yes indeed! I agree with everything! I hope you will find more time for blogging this year. All the best, Tammy