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October 11, 2014

Mixed Bag :)

My daughter's admissions and then moving away from home :( kept me busy all along.  One point agenda.  Rest was all on the back burner.  Life coming back to normal with a void.   Missing her so often.  Then I tell myself.  Life has to move on.  Change is constant.  And this was bound to happen.  I too had left home at 18 and moved to the hostel.  But its only now that I realised that my going to the hostel and her moving out is so so different.  It isn't as easy as I thought it was !!!!! 

So its festival time every time she comes home.  She is just 3 1/2 hours away.....a train journey! We made yummy fried rice.

I love love lighting candles and placing lil flowers on my centre table.  It gives me so much of happiness every time I pass by...  brings a smile

Thats my lil' Vandita ready for a Bharatnatyam performance....sans the makeup.  That changes so much.

With makeup.   

A mixed bag indeed....Hope to meet you often :)  Have a wonderful Sunday !!!


  1. The fried rice looks yumm!! and your daughter is beautiful!! :-) Hope you don't miss your older daughter very much. I know it's difficult, try to visit her often! :-)

    1. Thank you Ranjitha. I do miss her. At the moment.... she is home for Diwali vacation :)

  2. your daughter is very beautiful. Have a great Diwali celebrations, enjoy your time with her!!


  3. Your daughtwr is very pretty and you are lucky that she is just 3 1/2 hurs away I am dreading my turn. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your kind and appreciating words cheers

  4. Your daughter looks very beautiful in the dress :) I did not know that she is so young and going to be a doctor :) you are sure a proud mother !!
    My daughter is in class VII , we do not know yet what she is going to choose. She keeps changing :)

    1. :) Thanks
      The one in the dress that you saw is in 7th.. The elder daughter is doing medicine