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January 18, 2014

A good beginning

Happy New Year

Happy Sankranti

A fortnight into the New Year already!!  Time flies!!  
May the year have in store lot of happiness, good health and cheer
for you .

The beginning has been great
Have had so many moments to treasure
Inspiration to create too!

Just as how cakes are baked during Christmas, its Til laddoo for Sankranti.  I have talked about this festival last year here.

Til's nothing but sesame seeds.  How interesting to note that because it has a power to generate heat in the body, this became a tradition to make til laddoos during the winter festival Sankranti.

I have a wonderful blog to run upto whenever I want to make something.  Shilpa of aayisrecipes is a wonderful cook.  Her passion for culinary art is amazing, clearly visible on her site.

So I made

Thanks to Shilpa, they turned out well.

I baked a cake... with orange zest and orange juice

Another learning... Used Ribbet! to create this collage.

There is more. And here's a preview

This journal of mine gives me so much of joy.


  1. Hi Ashwarya !!!!

    The cake looks yummy and til ladoos are my all time favourite.....Thanks for sharing

  2. Hi Ashwarya, thanks for stopping by. Seems you are missing in action these days. Hope all is well! Best wishes, Tammy