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January 03, 2013

Lets make 2013 bright


To make the New Year bright, I thought of making something bright and colourful.I created a `Mandala'.  

I saw a lot of crocheted mandalas on the internet.  I was surprised to learn from SANGEETHA sometime ago that madala is a Sanskrit word meaning a circle.  Is doily and mandala the same?

I zeroed down on Barbara's Spring Mandala She has beautifully put up a tutorial which is very clear.   I Learnt two new crochet stitches

The surface stitch which look like a chain of hearts... the second pink circle and the interlocking stitch... The one next to it in blue and green.  Such an easy stitch and looks stunning.

Happy that I could complete the mandala quite fast... thats like starting on a positive note in the New Year.  Onto a second one now :) Mandalas are addictive. I'd gift this one to a friend.

There's a crochet crazy world out there.  Lets make it bright and work out new projects.  To those who love crocheting.  Does it not give so much of pleasure?

Oh! how could I forget the Brownie!

I baked a cake... a no hassles cake.  Will share the recipe the next time

 Signing off for now. Wish you all a Happy, Healthy, Peaceful and a Rocking year ahead :)


  1. Hi dear, The mandala is very pretty and bright. Hope you have a wonderful crafty year ahead. Is that a microwave cake? Do share the recipe. (A cake recipe request from someone who is planning to lose weight...haha.)Best wishes to everyone at home and hugs for the girls.

    1. Hi... It is an OTG cake. I'll share the recipe soon. It did not strike me while making the cake to take pics :). Thank you for the wishes.

  2. Your mandala is beautiful! Love the colors you used. I haven't even attempted making one of these yet and those are stitches I've not heard of. Will put it on my list of things to make one day. :) Best wishes to you, Tammy

  3. Hi, Aishwarya! Love your n w year mandala:) Yes, I knew about the meaning, and also mandala itself has a big spiritual meaning as well.
    I'd love to crochet one too. Have a bright day! Keep warm:)