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October 28, 2012

Crazy blogland - I met my blog friend in REAL!

It looked very distant to me ! I  had read about blog friends parties on Lucy's blog -attic 24 and Tina's - the quiet home where they got to meet their blog friends for a cuppa! I dearly wished if  I too could have such opportunities!  Thought it would not be possible for me to be able to meet blog friends in real.. Blogland is so wonderful!  There is so much to share, learn and capture moments of carefree enjoyment, bonding etc etc....

A while ago, on Matt's blog -  according to matt in Germany, I happened to meet SANGEETHA .  I liked her blog very much.  Its a wonderful blog about her crocheting passion.  Soon, we exchanged numbers and became regular visitors on our respective blogs. We found quite many things in common and what bonded us was of course our crocheting love!

Sangeetha was to visit our city yesterday  and we decided to meet.Oh! it was wonderful. I wonder what her first impression about me was :)   Hard to believe that we did not speak about crocheting!  Cause, we were meeting with our families too.  Hard to believe that we were meeting for the first time. It was so good to connect with them in real life!  It was as if we always knew them :) Had a wonderful time together and hope to meet more often..    

Gifting is an art!  The gift should appeal the most to the recipient.  Thats exactly what happened.   Sangeetha surely  knows her way to the heart.I was thrilled to receive this gift from Sangeetha.  Gonna make some doilies :) Hope she like my gift too!

It was a memorable day for me.  The excitement of being able to meet a blog friend for the first time in REAL was showing on me :).  It was a lovely lovely sunday!


  1. hi, Aishwarya! I stopped by from Sangeetha's blog and I have heard about your meeting with her:) This must be really a great feeling when you meet virtual friends in real. I also crochet and do other crafting, so we have the same passion. Have a great day,

  2. Anna, I had longed to meet blog friends. It is like, if we enjoy blogs so much, how would it be to be able to interact in person! It was indeed a great feeling. Thank you for the blog hop and sweet comments.