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February 03, 2014

Zipper pouch

Before I could even blog about it, its gone.  Nevertheless, the memories are there :)  Ever since I saw zipper pouches on blogland, I wanted to make one myself and more than me, my little one was very keen that I make one for her.  I kept getting lot of reminders from her :) is when I decided its time I work rather than just gaze at tutorials.  

Here's how it turned out

She used it excitedly for about 10 days and :( sad, left it behind in school one day.  And she's lost it. Her favourite TRIMAX pens and other paraphernalia along with the pouch are gone.  She was upset for a day... (so was I ).  I'll make one more now.

The making is super simple.  There are vivid tutorials available on blogland.

Four pieces of fabric. The same size as the zipper.  I also used a soft sponge for padding in between.  All left over fabric that I had in my stash. By the way, the sewing machine is my mother's and is more than 50 years old. Going strong.  She has attached a motor also.  Though I use it sparingly, I take care, oiling it once in a while.  I love it.

I tried this out.  Cut circles.  Turned them inside out first

Then pinned them like this and 

Stitched them one above the other to make it look cuter.

Sense of achievement. Source of scoring brownie points from my lil one :)

Hmmm... there are two new shoots growing in my balcony.  I planted these.  Can you guess?


  1. Hi Aishwarya,

    That is one beautiful purse. i love the color or the print on it..

    You have some very interesting posts... A new follower now:)

    1. Welcome aboard. And I saw your blog. Wow ! Its all crochet...

  2. Hey! How did you know that I have been dying to try my hand at these zipper pouches! The tutorials in Blogland are so tempting. But truth be told I am horrible with the sewing machine inspite of having it for around 15 years. No formal training in sewing and also no practice. Because it would mean keeping my hook down which is impossible. :) Those petals are looking cute, great idea.
    Wishing the girls the very best for their exams.

    1. Go ahead Sangeetha. Even I do not have formal training in sewing. I used only help Mum stitch `straight lines' as a teenager and can now operate the machine. Make a travel kit :)

      Thanks for the wishes.

  3. Hi Aishwarya !!!

    Beautiful pouch.... I luv the colors !!!!!!!

  4. Lovely creation. I'm still struggling to get my machine to work out the zipper foot. Bough invisible as well as screw type. Nothing seems to work. So much want to try zipper projects. Thanks, Preethi.

    1. You know what! I don't have a zipper foot either. I have stitched the zip without a zipper foot. So go ahead Preethi.